EXPLAINED: The Biden-Burisma Connection

August 30, 2023

Joe Biden publicly threatened to withhold $1 billion of U.S. aid to Ukraine. Then, the country's top legal eagle was fired amid his investigation involving Joe & Hunter Biden. Now, the fired prosecutor is speaking out and claims Joe Biden bribed Ukrainian officials $10 million to fire him - or else.

The case for impeaching President Joe Biden grows stronger by the day.

Ever wondered about the calls for President Joe Biden's impeachment? Let's unravel the mystery together. You might discover that there's more to the story than meets the eye.

Key Players in the Drama

Before we delve into the details, here's a brief introduction to the main figures:

  • Joe Biden: Now the U.S. President, previously Vice-President under Barack Obama.
  • Hunter Biden: Joe Biden's son, who had a significant role in a Ukrainian energy company.
  • Devon Archer: Hunter's business partner, who also had a role in the same company.
  • Viktor Shokin: A former top legal official in Ukraine.
  • Mykola Zlochevsky: The head honcho of the Ukrainian energy firm.

Biden's Controversial Move: The Billion-Dollar Standoff

In 2014, Hunter Biden and Devon Archer became affiliated with a major energy firm in Ukraine. Fast forward to 2016, Joe Biden, then Vice President, made a bold move in Ukraine, suggesting the U.S. might withhold a whopping $1 billion in aid. The condition? The removal of Viktor Shokin, the country's top legal official. Publicly, Biden justified this by saying Shokin wasn't doing enough to tackle corruption.

Shokin's Side of the Story

In a revealing interview with Fox News, Shokin presented a different narrative. Shokin said his removal was due to his investigations into the Ukrainian energy firm and its ties to the Biden family. He believed that if he had continued, some shady dealings involving Hunter Biden, Devon Archer, and others would have come to light.

Hunter Biden and Devon Archer's Influence

Post-Shokin, it seems Hunter and Archer might have leveraged their Washington ties to shield the Ukrainian company from further attention. Communications indicate the company's top brass sought their assistance, with Hunter even introducing them to a lobbying firm known as Blue Star Strategies.

A Potential State Department Involvement?

Things get even more intriguing here. Hunter Biden had scheduled meetings with senior State Department figures, including Antony Blinken, during this period. Considering these interactions happened while the Ukrainian company and its affiliates were under scrutiny, it begs the question: Was U.S. foreign policy influenced?

The Kerry Angle

John Kerry, a key player in the Obama and Biden administrations, also seems to be part of this intricate web. Devon Archer, once in business with Hunter Biden, reportedly met with Kerry. Given their roles in the Ukrainian company, it's valid to ask: Was the company a topic of their conversation?

Implications for Impeachment

If Shokin's allegations hold merit—that he was removed for investigating the Ukrainian company and its ties to the Bidens—it could suggest that Joe Biden might have used his VP position to safeguard his son and allies from overseas investigations.

This casts a shadow over the Biden family's overseas business dealings, hinting at a possible mix of personal interests and U.S. directives. Such implications could be grounds for impeachment.

The American public has a right to understand the depth of the Biden family's overseas engagements and their potential influence on U.S. foreign policy. While some media might overlook these intricacies, it's our duty to ensure transparency.

Our democracy's very foundation is on the line.


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