JUSTICE UNSERVED – A Mother’s Life After Radical Liberal Policies Freed Her Son’s Killers

January 20, 2023

“When you have career criminals who have been in and out of prison since they have been teenagers with a slap on the wrist...and their history shows that...no matter how many chances you give them, they're still going to come back and do the same thing, those are people that are menaces to society."

Madeline Brame

Madeline Brame is not letting radical politicians get away with their soft-on-crime policies. Enough is enough.

In a recent national survey, over 60% of Americans said that crime is getting worse. In the last elections in 2022, crime was a major issue across the country. The breakdown of the rule of law continues, people are assaulted on the streets and witness crimes committed in stores while they're shopping.

Madeline Brame is a powerful advocate for victims' rights and the mother of slain U.S. Army veteran Sgt. Hason Correa.

She continues to fight tirelessly against woke, soft-on-crime policies that put dangerous criminals like the ones who murdered her son back on the streets.

LISTEN NOW as Madeline discusses the pain that woke New York DA Alvin Bragg's radical liberal agenda has caused her, how she has turned her pain to empowerment and discusses her feelings about the 2022 midterm elections, including the campaign of Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin.


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