What Is Hezbollah? 7 Things You Need To Know

January 4, 2024

You've heard about Hezbollah's attacks against Israel, but do you know who they really are?

🔥 It's time to dive deep into Hezbollah's history, ties to Iran, and their terrorism after the Sabbath Massacre on October 7th.

Here's a breakdown of 7 critical points about Hezbollah:

Who is Hezbollah?

  • A Shi'a Islamist political and militant terrorist group in Lebanon.
  • Emerged in the 1980s as an anti-Israel group.
  • Now a major political force in Lebanon with significant military strength backed by Iran.

Hezbollah’s Deep Ties with Iran:

  • Part of Iran's "Axis of Resistance" against the U.S., Israel and the West.
  • Receives military training, arms, and significant financial support from Iran.
  • Has a considerable arsenal of missiles now being launched at northern Israeli cities.

The Iran-Hezbollah Alliance:

  • Bonded by shared Shi'a Islam beliefs and mutual hate for America and the West.
  • Relationship has deepened over time, with Iran seeing Hezbollah as a key ally.

Iran’s Strategic Interests in Lebanon:

  • Hezbollah provides Iran with a strategic foothold in the Eastern Mediterranean.
  • This influence helps Iran project power and keep Israel and the West on its toes.

Hezbollah’s Recent Activities:

  • Post-Sabbath Massacre, Hezbollah ramped up terrorist activities along the Israel-Lebanon border to support Hamas.
  • Includes rocket fire towards northern Israeli cities, supporting Hamas's actions.

Hezbollah’s Dangerous Rhetoric:

  • Led by Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah’s rhetoric is anti-Israel, anti-America and anti-Western.
  • Aligns with Iran's regional objectives against U.S. and Israeli policies.

Why This Matters to the U.S.:

  • Hezbollah's actions significantly impact regional stability and U.S. security interests.
  • Their alignment with Iran and military presence in Lebanon pose ongoing challenges to Israel.

⚠️ Understanding Hezbollah reveals it as an arm of Iran's threat to the West. America must stand firm against this growing danger to preserve freedom and security.


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