Who Are The Houthis?: 7 Questions Answered

January 2, 2024

You've heard about the Houthis targeting American ships... but who are the Houthis?

The Houthis are not just some random threat to the Middle East... they're targeting American ships in the Red Sea. They want death to America.

Who Are The Houthis? - 7 Key Facts You Must Know 🚨

1️⃣ Who are the Houthis?

A terrorist group from Yemen, known as Ansar Allah. Predominantly Zaidi Shia, they're closely linked to Iran's predominant sect of Islam. They're not just a regional concern; they're a pawn in Iran’s global threat to the West.

2️⃣ Iran's Proxy Puppets

The Houthis are Iran's chess piece in their so-called "Axis of Resistance." They receive arms, training, and funding from Iran. Their advanced missile and drone capabilities? Courtesy of Tehran.

3️⃣ From Local Rebels to Iran's Allies

Once a local Yemeni group, the Houthis now serve Iran's agenda. As their conflict with Yemen and Saudi Arabia grew, Iran saw its chance. Now, they're a tool in Iran's anti-West campaign.

4️⃣ Yemen: Iran's Strategic Prize

Why Yemen? It's not just a country; it's a strategic location crucial for global oil. Iran's support for the Houthis isn't charity; it's a calculated move to control this vital region.

5️⃣ Current Houthi Horrors

Post-October 7th Sabbath Massacre, the Houthis are attacking international shipping, targeting Western vessels from Israel and America. It's not just regional; it's a global security issue.

6️⃣ The Houthi Rhetoric

Their leaders, like Mohammed Ali Al-Houthi, spew pro-terrorist and anti-Semitic venom. They're not just against Yemen; their sights are set against the U.S. and the entire Western world.

7️⃣ Why This Matters

This isn't just a Middle Eastern issue; it's a global security threat. Iran is using groups like the Houthis to destabilize the region and threaten international peace.

🔥 It's time to wake up! The Houthi movement is just one of the many elements that shows Iran is a clear and present danger. We need united action to stop Iran!


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