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Secure America Now’s President, Allen Roth, talks to experts about critical national security issues every week on Code Red. We investigate the issues that threaten our sovereignty with in-depth analyses on how the decisions of our leaders impact America’s safety.

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Code Red Podcast with Lord David Alton

April 27, 2020

Lord David Alton is a Member of Parliament in the United Kingdom representing Liverpool. He has sat in the upper chamber, the House of Lords, since 1997. A strong supporter of human rights around the globe, Lord Alton has been a fierce critic of Communist China and their frequent abuses of human rights from Hong Kong […]

Code Red Podcast with Congressman Mike Gallagher

April 2, 2020

On this edition of the Code Red Podcast, we heard from Congressman Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin’s 8th District. As we learn from the coronavirus pandemic one thing is evidently clear, America’s supply chain dependency on China is a critical national security threat. As the co-sponsor of the Medical Supply Chain Security Act, Rep. Gallagher is […]

Code Red Podcast with Dr. Stephen Berger

In this edition of the Code Red Podcast, Allen Roth discusses the COVID-19 pandemic with infectious disease expert Dr. Stephen Berger.  Dr. Berger is a co-founder of GIDEON, the Global Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology Network, and was the Director of Geographic Medicine and of Clinical Microbiology at Tel Aviv Medical Center. Board-Certified in both Infectious Diseases […]

Code Red Podcast with Steve Forbes

March 22, 2020

Steve Forbes is the Editor-in-Chief of Forbes business magazine. In this edition of the Code Red Podcast, he and Allen discuss the economic impact of the coronavirus, along with steps the United States can take to help mitigate some of those effects.

Code Red Podcast with Congressman Doug Collins

March 16, 2020

Congressman Doug Collins represents Georgia’s 9th Congressional district covering the northeastern part of the state. Rep. Collins is also the Ranking Member on the House Judiciary Committee and was a vocal supporter of President Trump through the impeachment process. Listen to this exclusive update from Washington with Congressman Collins! Topics covered Coronavirus The U.S. Military and […]

Honoring Our Veterans – Code Red Podcast with Vietnam Veteran Don Turner

March 9, 2020

Don Turner is a Vietnam veteran who served in the central highlands of Vietnam as a member of the U.S. Army 4th infantry division. Drafted just before Christmas in 1967, Don spent nearly his whole time in the country living with his squad in the jungle. Help us honor Don’s sacrifice and bravery and listen […]

Code Red Podcast with Author Ben Weingarten

February 24, 2020

Ben Weingarten is an established author who covers many different topics pertaining to various political issues. His latest book “American Ingrate: Ilhan Omar and the Progressive-Islamist Takeover of the Democratic Party” (available here) offers valuable insight into what Ben describes as the “unholy alliance” between progressivism and religious Islam and their joint disdain for western culture.  

Code Red Podcast with Iranian Dissident and Middle East Expert Erica Kasraie

February 15, 2020

Erica Kasraie is an Iranian who fled the country with her family as a child. Living in America, Erica speaks out against the Ayatollah and his Radical Islamic Regime, fighting to inspire the people of Iran to take back their country from the theocratic dictatorship. Listen to Erica discuss everything from what it was like […]

McAllen, TX. September 19th, 2019. An Apprehension Story.

January 29, 2020

The men and women of Border Patrol keep this country safe on a daily basis, but the average American has no idea how that is done. Listen to our brand new experiential listening podcast and step into the shoes of a border patrol agent as they conduct a mission on our southern border! Want to […]

Code Red Podcast with Congressman Mark Green

December 22, 2019

Congressman Mark Green represents Tennessee’s 7th congressional district. In this edition of the Code Red podcast, we spoke with Rep. Green about everything from impeachment to federal spending and his time in the military.

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