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Secure America Now’s President, Allen Roth, talks to experts about critical national security issues every week on Code Red. We investigate the issues that threaten our sovereignty with in-depth analyses on how the decisions of our leaders impact America’s safety.

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Code Red Podcast with Lee Smith and Allen Roth

February 23, 2019

Why is the United States helping Iran in the Middle East? Listen to Middle East Expert Lee Smith give his insightful answer to that question and more.

Stephen Yates and Allen Roth discuss China & the threat it poses to America

January 19, 2019

One of the greatest threats to American security that people don’t talk about: The communist regime of China. Hear what these threats are in the Code Red Podcast with SAN President Allen Roth and an expert on Chinese Affairs, Stephen Yates.

Weekly Security Digest – January 13

January 14, 2019

Catch up on the top national security headlines here.

Ambassador Dore Gold Discusses the State of Affairs in Israel & the Middle East

November 16, 2018

Listen here as Secure America Now President, Allen Roth, discusses the state of affairs in Israel and the Middle East with former Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations and current President of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, Dore Gold.

John McLaughlin Discusses the 2018 Midterm Elections

November 8, 2018

“Security and immigration are going to be among the top issues in the elections, and they should be again.” -John McLaughlin

Weekly Security Digest – July 15

July 15, 2018

“Iranian president travels to Austria in an effort to salvage Iran deal” – the Hill

Weekly Security Digest – July 8

July 8, 2018

“Obama administration granted citizenship to 2,500 Iranians during nuclear deal: Iran official” – Fox News

Christian Whiton Discusses the U.S.-North Korea Summit

June 15, 2018

“When North Korea, really, in exchange for nothing agreed to stop testing nuclear weapons…”

Congressman Peter King Talks About The War on MS-13

May 28, 2018

“They are not just killed, they are cut with machetes.”

Daniel Pipes Discusses the U.S. Embassy Move and the end of the Iran Deal

May 24, 2018

“Finally an American government has said enough!”

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